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About me


Well, I love the outdoors and we go hiking as many days as we can, and during the winter we ski.  I love to read and online you'll find me in a virtual world called Second Life.


I love modeling and with Kelley being a photographer it all works out very well.  I have posed nude and been in a few adult films in my day.


Let's just say, I have always been very open minded





How I got started making adult films is a crazy story



I'll tell you the story, but please don't think less of me when I tell you what my first summer job was.





Now that you know what kinda girl I am let me tell you more.


Here are a few places where I'm listed as an adult model.



         AUSmodels Nude Models - Adult Modeling Agency     








 5' 7" Tall



Long brown hair, with a little silver in it these days



34 C Cup.  Not very big but then who cares!



Sometimes shaved, sometimes not




Multi Orgasmic



Bareback Only









Vaginal Depth   7"


Why is that important?


I'll show you why Kelley and I are so good together







 Sex Films




Let's see!  You have seen me naked but I'm imagining that you are curious about me being in adult films.

Ok, I'll tell you.  I have been in several commercial adult films.  I can't show them here due to copyright shit but, when you get paid as a porn star, they own all of it.  Another thing I don't like about commercial film making is that it is all scripted.  They tell you when to cum, and want you to scream and yell, and yes, fake it a lot.


That's not for me, as I want it to be natural, with bad lighting and natural sound, and of course, bareback.









This is a collection of clips from our longer sex movies.  Some viewers have a hard time with bandwidth, that's why we did this section.









Longer Movies






My Friend, Alan






















Fucked and Eatin' by A Stranger









Where we meet somebody for the first time















Kelley and I filmed in our motor home


Bedroom Tales










The Hotel Room




This one has photos too




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