I get a lot of requests for some of Kelley's photos.


He would never post photos of himself as he really believes that nobody wants to see a guy on this kind of site.


Well, many people do. 


Kelley has quite a past, U.S. Navy,  Disc Jockey,  Drummer and Keyboard Player and actor.


He's been in several westerns and always plays a cattle rustler.


His stage name is Jessie Lawton.  That is also our Face Book page thing




We're Jessie and Cinnamon Lawton in Face Book




Kinda looks like Sam Elliot, doesn't he.





He's all Irish, and can drink with the best of them.



He's an awesome skier





An old video of him on the drums.  Courtesy of You Tube




Ahhh, but this is an adult site, so I thinks it's time we got his pants off.






Kelley Naked