This is a friend of mine from work.  His name is Alan, he's always wanted to get in my pants, and today he is.


"By the way, Alan, I kiss on the first date."





"May I take your shirt off, Susan?"


"Why don't we take everything off?"











"Let's go into the living room and you can watch Kelley take some photos of me."










"Fuck me, Alan!"


"With pleasure, Baby!"










"God, Susan, I'm going to cum!"


"I know, cum inside me!"




"Oh, yes, Alan!"  as I pulled him deep inside me.  "Nice to meet you, by the way!"


We both laughed breathlessly.




"Want to take some photos of Kelley and I?"


Kelley handed him the still camera and the video cam.









"Let's show our friends the video you did, Alan"